About the Aroono Network

Where Writers And Readers Meet

Our core mission is to provide a social network for writers and readers. While all writers are readers, not all readers are writers, but we would venture to guess that a good majority of them are. This is a place for us to share your well-written thoughts with others who also enjoy sharing their well-written thoughts.

Services We Provide

The Aroono Network provides two distinct services. We provide a social network for users to share their personal opinions and photos. You agree to not violate any laws, especially copyright, when posting and uploading to our site. We also provide free and premium website hosting services, so that users can promote their own causes in a more structured format.

Commitment to Freedom of Speech

The Aroono Network believes in freedom of speech. We function as a public square and not as a publisher. We offer our commitment to not censor anyone’s speech, in any manner, unless it follows under the narrowly defined exceptions as set forth by the United States Supreme Court.

Governing Body

We respect and follow the laws of the United States of America. We do not recognize any other governing body. If you are subject to the laws of another governing body, please comply with those laws as well as the laws of the United States. However, by using our services, you agree that you are entering the United States (we are not entering your country) and agree to abide by our laws.